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Last year Microsoft release the ultimate new version of their famous Windows OS called windows 8. Windows 8 narrowed the distance of tablet and PC by launching live tiles in Windows 8 OS for desktop. There are alot of new features in Windows 8 which are exciting and  good but it also brought some radical changes to the core OS and one main change is by excluding Windows XP apps compatibility in Windows 8. If you are running Windows 8 then you might have some old app from your office or something which you want to run on Windows 8 so you won’t be able to do it because Microsoft stopped signing Windows XP softwares in Win8.


Though if you have license of Windows xp then you can run Windows xp in virtual mode and in turn run Xp apps in windows 8 but most of you won’t have that so i will write a guide on how to run Windows XP in virtual mode in windows 8 and runs Windows XP apps in it.

Requirements For Running windows XP and apps in Windows 8:

(You must be running genuine Windows 8)

Step 1: download Windows xp mode in above link.


Step 2: Use 7-zip software to archive the above download file (Windows XP mode)

Step 3: Find folder “Sources” and open it then you will find “XPM”.

Step 4: Extract “XPM” to your computer.

Step 5: Once the extraction completes, open it and look for VirtualXPVHD file, rename it with extension VirtualXPVHD.vhd

Step 6: Now open the Vitrual PC which you downloaded earlier, and open VirtualXPVHD.vhd in it and boom! you got the Windows xp virtual in your Windows 8 computer.

That’s it you got Windows xp in your Windows 8, now you can run your old Window xp compatible apps in Windows 8 without any issues.

tip: Remember to do a fresh virtual machine start up, if you have previous back up then you might face issues so it’s better to do a fresh install.

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